Monday, August 22, 2016

Dec 2016 Teacher Training Program (TTP) at Bangalore Ashram, India

Jai Gurudev !!!

We are pleased to announce following December 2016 TTP at Bangalore Ashram, India :

ProgramWho can apply
15 Days TTP

National & International applicants

(For those who have done Pre-TTP or VTP. All New Candidates must apply for this format)
24th Dec'16 to 7th Jan'1723rd Dec'168th Jan'17

10 Days TTP

(To become Happiness Program Teacher)
For Art Excel / YES / Rural Part-1 / Eternity Teachers

(With min 2 yrs of teaching experience)
29th Dec'16 to 7th Jan'17
28th Dec'16
8th Jan'17

10 Days TTP

(To become Art Excel & YES Teacher)
For Happiness Program Teachers

(With min 2 yrs of teaching experience)
29th Dec'16 to 7th Jan'17
28th Dec'16
8th Jan'17

For Indian Candidates :
  • Candidate must have done Pre-TTP (Or VTP).
  • Candidate will need to get Evaluation form filled by the Teacher with whom he/she has worked.
  • Complete Application + Evaluation must reach State Apex Office before 3rd Nov'16

For International Candidates :
  • Candidate must have done Pre-TTP (Or VTP).
  • Candidate will need to get Evaluation form filled by the Teacher with whom he/she has worked.
  • Complete Application + Evaluation must reach your Country TC before 3rd Nov'16

Departure Date : 
It must be noted that, TTP will be over by 11pm on 7th Jan'17. Considering Ashram to Airport journey of 3 hours, participants are requested to make travel plan such that their flight departure from Bangalore Airport should be only after 4am 8th Jan'17 Sunday

Important Dates :
  • For Applicants : Last  date  of  submission  of complete Application + Evaluation : 3rd Nov'16
  • For State Apex / Country TC : Last date of sending details of all Applicants to by email in prescribed Excel format : 10th Nov'16
  • DOWNLOAD Excel Format from this link : Click here
  • For State Apex / Country TC : Last date of receiving TTP Application + Evaluation by Courier at TTP Office, Bangalore : 14th Nov'16 (This means they must be sent by courier on 10th Nov'16)
  • TTP Office :  TTP Office will check Applications & do 'Evaluation' for next few days from the date of receiving all Applications.
  • List of Selected Candidates & Invitations will be sent to State Apex / Country TC on : 22nd Nov'16

Application Form :
  • DOWNLOAD Application form from this link (Evaluation form included) : Click here
Please note that this Application + Evaluation can not be filled up online. Download first, fill it up and submit hard copy to State Apex / Country TC.

Important Instructions :
  • Candidates must have finished Pre-TTP (or VTP)
  • Pls attach good quality photos - both passport size as well as full length. These photos will be used to make ID Cards.
  • Other Documents to be attached :
  • a. PAN photo copy (Only for Indian candidates)
    b. Passport photo copy (Only for International candidates)
    c. Address proof
    d. Medical certificate for physical & mental fitness
  • Please ensure that following fields are not kept blank :
  • a. Birth Date with year
    b. Mobile No.
    c. Email Id
    d. Part-1 / YES!+ / Happiness program dates (Candidate MUST have completed 1 year after finishing Rural Part-1 / Part-1 / YES!+ / Happiness program)
    e. Part-2 program dates (Min 2 Part-2 programs MUST)
    f. DSN (Divay Samaj Nirman) program date (Min 1 DSN program MUST)
    g. Pre-TTP (or VTP) dates along with Teacher’s name & place
    h. Previous TTP details and Teacher code (if applicable)
  • Candidates must have done 2 Part-2 programs & 1 DSN program at the time of writing TTP application (If you write future dates, your Application will be rejected)
  • Only those candidates who have finished their Graduation, are eligible to apply for TTP
  • At the time of writing TTP application, candidate’s age must be 22+ years complete.
  • Indian candidates MUST have savings bank account in one of these banks : ICICI / SBI / SBM / Canara (Account in affiliated banks is not acceptable)
  • Art of Living Teachers who wish to apply for 10 days TTP, are requested to submit Application + Evaluation by their Evaluating Teacher to State Apex office.
  • Art of Living Yoga Teachers will need to do Pre-TTP first and only then they can apply for 15 Days TTP.
  • Rural Part-1 Teachers can apply for 10 days Happiness Program TTP.
  • Candidates from US are requested to inform US TTP Office ( first & only then apply.
  • US or Europe office will collectively send TTP applications to Indian TTP Office. We don’t accept direct applications from candidates - Indian or International.
  • Invitations will be sent by State Apex Office to all candidates. Invitations to international candidates will be sent by Country TC.
  • Candidates who wish to enquire about their ‘selection’ or ‘invitation’, are requested to communicate with State Apex office / Country TC.
  • State TCs / Apex Offices & Country TCs MUST verify all the details written in the TTP Application + Evaluation form. In case there is any discrepancy / doubt then, such forms should be kept on ‘Hold’. Resolve unclear details before forwarding Applications.
  • State TCs / Apex Offices & Country TCs MUST maintain strict check to ensure candidates are physically & mentally fit. If there is any doubt, pls consult TTP office first before forwarding such applications.
  • State Apex office / State TC or Zonal TC / Country TC should ensure that complete hard copy applications + evaluations, are sent by reputed courier service before 14th Nov'16 to the following address:

TTP Office,
Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth,
21st Km, Kanakpura road, Udayapura Post Office, Bangalore – 560082, Karnataka, INDIA
Mob : +91 9449025673 (Active on Whatsapp)
Landline :- (080) 28432187 Email :
  • State Apex office / State TC or Zonal TC / Country TC are requested to segregate TTP Applications in 3 separate packs for 3 different TTPs :

  • a. 15 Days TTP - New candidates
    b. 10 Days Happiness Program TTP
    c. 10 Days Art Excel & YES TTP
All 3 packs are to be sent collectively to TTP office, Bangalore.

Please ensure that Courier company has regular delivery service to Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore, as Ashram is located outside Bangalore city on Kanakpura road

Circulate this information to as many as possible.

Write comment if further help is needed, we will reply back.


  1. Jgd. I did my Pre-TTC two years back and till date I didn't receive any email invitation from ashram saying that I am invited to TTP (this will enable me to fill-up necessary application+evaluation forms as next procedure). Just want to know who can help me in this regard and to-whom shall I approach. Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  2. Jai Guru Dev ! TTP Invitation won't automatically come to you. You need to work after VTP (Pre-TTP) with your Teachers. They will recommend your name to your State's STC (Teachers Co-ordinator). Then you will be officially informed by your Teachers (remember not by TTP Office Bangalore) to fill up TTP Application. Once this happens your Application will reach TTP Office Bangalore and only then we will come in picture.

    ...till then keep working!

  3. How should i know when is pre ttp happening in my area?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Jai Gurudev,
    Bhaiya, what is the process for applying if I'm doing it online.

  6. Jgd Gaurav.

    Please reach your teacher. Same as Pre TTP you need to apply for TTP also. Thanks

  7. Can I apply online for 15-day TTP??
    If yes, then how??